Marssi Sizing


International Size Table

**Please note that there are two important LENGTH measurements provided in this table – the length of the shoe used to make Marssi shoes, and the length of your foot. All closed in shoes should have a gap of approximately 1cm between your longest toe and the end of the shoe so as to not cause damage to your feet.

If your foot measurement is halfway between sizes, select the larger size. You may find one foot is longer than the other, this is quite normal, please use the larger size when making your shoe size selection.

Use the AU SIZING above to place your order on Six By Eight. After your order has been placed you can

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We recommend that you crosscheck your size by following our Sizing Guidelines below. Please take your measurements based on these instructions and email them to so that we can determine the best size for you.


Step 1: Find your Foot LENGTH

This measurement is the most important to get right, the rest of the measurements should be taken for good measure and as a means of cross-checking the right shoe last is used for your Marssi shoe. You can find the LENGTH measurement on the underside length of the foot from the middle of your heel to the end point of your longest toe. Place a ruler along the inside of your foot from your heel to your toes. Using a flat edge object, place it in front of your toes touching the tip of the longest toe. The measurement you want is the total distance from your heel to where the straight-edge object meets your ruler. N.B Stand on a level floor whilst taking this measurement. it is recommended that you stand against a wall or similar straight edge.

Step 2: Find your JOINT measurement

This measurement is where the foot flexes and is taken around the large bone behind the big toe and the little toe. Using the measuring tape, pass completely around this area of the foot, not just from side to side. Be sure not to pull the tape too tight, just hold it firmly and have it cross on the top of the foot so the measurement is easily visible.

Step 3: Find your INSTEP measurement

This measurement can found in the same way as the JOINT measurement but is taken halfway between the JOINT and the crease that occurs where the foot and the front of the leg join. Cross the measuring tape over the front of the foot so it is easier to read the result.

Step 4: Find your SHORT HEEL LINE measurement

This measurement is taken around the back of the heel just under the swell of the foot, then up and around the crease at the front of the foot where the leg begins. Cross the measuring tape over the front of the foot so it is easier to read the result.

Step 5: Find your LONG HEEL LINE measurement

This measurement is taken around the heel like that of the SHORT HEEL LINE, but crosses the front of the foot at the point where the instep measurement was taken (the middle of the top of the foot). Like all previous steps, cross the measuring tape over the front of the foot so the result is easier to see.

Step 6: Find your ANKLE measurement

The ankle measurement is taken just above the ankle-bone where there is a tapering of the leg, not around the bone itself. Remember not to pull the measuring tape too tightly, just hold it firm while looking at your result.

Using the measurements obtained, cross-check them with the “Dimensions Of The Marssi Shoe” table above for the perfect fitting Marssi shoe!

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